U GROW Services

pond lilyServices we Provide

  • Landscape Planning
  • Complete Design and Installation
  • Irrigation Design, Retrofit and Installation
  • Organic Food Gardens • Specimen Gardens
  • Stonework/ Pergolas
  • Water features
  • Water Collection Systems
  • Potted Arrangements
  • Patio Gardens and Outdoor Living/Dining Rooms
  • Maintenance and Water Management


U Grow’s vision is beginning a more sustainable existence through the way we manage our home. As we are affected by restrictions and increasing water rates alerting us to the scarcity of precious imported water in the California desert, it is essential our landscapes take on a new meaning. In Southern California, an average of 70% of total household water is used on maintaining lush landscapes–many of us are beginning to realize how costly and unrewarding it is to maintain poorly designed, sub-tropical “plots”. Designed and managed landscapes should demonstrate environmental consciousness and the reemergence of core values of function and conservation, while utilizing the land in mutually beneficial ways. Through proper design, they are more dynamic, naturalistic, and rewarding than our typical grassy spreads. U Grow’s belief is that a large part of the beauty in the future of landscaping will be derived from its resource consciousness, its productivity, and its sustainability. land09