Shifting the Paradigm 

U Grow was started by friends who share a love for health, food and the outdoors.IMG_1132

Together, we’re developing a business which empowers our local community by helping our neighbors become more self-sufficient, sustainable and aware of the potential of their land.

Located in the bio-region of coastal Southern California, U Grow is aware of the importance our watersheds serve to marine ecosystems. Our efforts are focused on curbing the overuse of water from inappropriate irrigation and the subsequent urban cascade of nitrogen rich lawn care amendments, herbicides and pesticides from industry standard landscaping, flowing into our groundwater, coastal wetlands and oceans.

U Grow is dedicated to creating alternative landscapes that are rich in color and diversity, functional, low-maintenance and cost-effective, while minimizing environmental impact. “Our home is the one places over which we have influence- let the process of restoring the Earth begin in our own yards… “