Del Mar Edible, Sub-Tropical Botanical Garden

Posted on Aug 1, 2012

Del Mar Edible, Sub-Tropical Botanical Garden

“We came to U Grow with a specific ideas in mind –a functional and peaceful surrounding where we could entertain our guests. Saving water and maintenance time and cost was a must for us (we are two busy professionals with a newborn). We gathered our inspiration and brought them to Jake and Dan. They came up with and edible wall and ornamental color theme; all of the plant selections have grow to maturity, producing bright, rich color year-round (not commonly found in a low-water landscape). The stone mosaic patio, wall an BBQ was a result of existing materials on site.

We spend countless hours relaxing in our backyard with friends and family, and everyone comments on the beauty and function of the design –our yard went from being a rather lifeless plot to a backyard oasis. It is stunning!

The organic garden feature was very important. Jake and Dan designed three special garden boxes irrigated on timer (making gardening with two busy people and a new baby easy and fun). They continue to produce an abundance and we have enjoyed countless meals from the “garden wall”–they are so productive, saving us trips to the store and supplying us with fresh ingredients from your own backyard!

With U Grow design and management, our bill is minimal and the maintenance schedule low. Our home value has improved, so we have a real sense of value and savings. It’s sustainable design with less impact to our surroundings. The working experience was great from the beginning– we will enjoy our landscape for years to come!”

–Laura Seefeld


  • Stone Patio
  • wall and BBQ
  • Hot Tub
  • Skewed Garden Cubes (3)
  • Edible Wall- Vines and Citrus Espalier
  • Privacy and Shade Trees
  • Exotic Sub-tropicals
  • Fountain and Cutting garden (1000 SqFt)