Beverly Hills Rooftop Garden

Posted on Oct 1, 2012

Beverly Hills Rooftop Garden

In fall of 2012 U GROW Organics designed and completed a complex edible garden project on a sprawling residential rooftop in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles with magnificent views of the city!

“I’m a firm believer in the idea that urban living can no longer be disassociated with how we source our food. City dwellers must re-learn the skills of our grandparents, to source our food (very) locally or make it and grow it ourselves when possible. But like many, I was not raised with these skills, nor did my schools, whether public or private, provide me with the knowledge base necessary to grow or cultivate food.

When I decided to take on the task of growing my own food, I was inspired by a space available to me (our rooftop, a huge flat expanse covered with solar panels and flat useable space), and by having children, to whom I wanted to hand the tools I did not myself have. But in order to do so I’ve had to “go back to school” myself, learning how, when and what to plant, and getting the why to all of it. And of course I wan to use best practices which meant growing organically.

I turned to Jake Moss and UGrow Organics because they wanted to be involved in the teaching side of the process, and beyond that to create a balanced garden that was appropriate for the inputs (sun vs. shade, wet vs. dry). Jake and his team have designed an incredible and prolific space for us, and when we harvested, recipes to boot!”

-Rob Green