Organic Gardens


Organic Gardening Services:

• Custom Raised Bed Design and Installation (using robust, FSC certified timbers)
• Fruit Tree and Orchard Installation
• Edible and Ornamental Landscaping
• Garden Harvest and Maintenance Services
• Gardening Tutorials (including soil building, crop rotation, organic pest management, seed germination and watering techniques)

Organic gardening is the future in sustainability and nutrition, and everyone is rediscovering the joys and rewards of growing their own delicious vegetables at home. It is an urban myth that growing your own food is difficult or laborious. With our expert knowledge and equipment consisting of timed drip irrigation, custom raised garden beds and our special blend of organic soils, we create stable and long-lasting environs for growing success. Once your garden is installed, we provide monthly maintenance and give you the instructions necessary to reach your gardening potential, helping you sprout your own community gardening clubs.


Here Are The Benefits Of U Grow Organic Gardens:

• Requires 1/3 the water of a typical landscape
• Reduces up to 1/2 of your monthly produce bills
• Saves you trips to the store
• Guarantees you are eating pesticide-free food
• Nothing compares to the taste and nutrition of self-cultivated produce
• Fun and educational for your family
• Proven to reduce stress

Because our organic gardens yield delicious produce and require only 1/3 the water of a lawn, incorporating an edible garden as part of you drought-tolerant landscape is an investment which rewards you wallet, your health, and your home’s value. We use a specialized combination of weather-sensing timers, drip emitting irrigation, and mulching techniques that keep the soil moist, and bring you maximum yields of fresh vegetable while using a minimal amount of water.


Organic Gardening Classes

Seed Germination and Starter Planting
Biological Pest Control and Companion Planting
Soil composition, Cover Crops and Composting
Harvest and Crop Rotation