Irrigation Design & Repair

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Proper Irrigation is the key to a healthy and responsible landscape. Our technicians are CLIA certified designing systems with savings and conservation in mind. If you have and older system, chances are it needs retrofitting –you mightbe creating the urban creek-effect and paying much more for water than you need to be.

U Grow offers the most advanced and up-to-date systems with maximum efficiency. Our installations are guaranteed and provide future savings that will exceed the cost of install. Give us a call today to learn about rebates and how U can conserve with U Grow.

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Irrigation Services

• Complete design and installation of water-smart systems
• Water use analysis and audit
• Leak detection/ diagnostics
• Repair and retrofits
• Drip, micro irrigation and stream rotators
• Weather based timer installation
• Grey water/rainwater capture

Avoid High Water Bills!



We Correct:

• Run-off

• Low-end drainage
• Leaking valves
• Overspray