Edible Organic Landscapes

Organic Horticulture or Organic Gardening is the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants following the essential principles of soil building and conservation, crop rotation, biological pest management and heirloom variety preservation. It is the landscape around us that gives us our health, preserves our environment and adds intrinsic quality to our lives; it is the basis by which every community has developed and thrived through history.


In the increasingly developed world, many of us have gained no practical experience in food cultivation. We have become disassociated with these fundamental principals. Our conditioned dependence and routine convenience culture, beginning with the impacted educational system have created a knowledge gap between today’s youth and the baby boomer generation regarding the practice of organic gardening. We need to reconnect with where and how we source our food. We cannot depend on homogenized agricultural systems to provide for our health. We must reclaim these age-old skills and sustainability values for our own and teach them to our future generations.




U Grow Food, U Grow Communities

Organic Gardening can be learned and put into practice in little time. Millions are re-discovering the joys of creating and sharing food from organic gardens. U Grow’s calling is to share knowledge and create simple, productive, sustainable systems of food cultivation within communities across Southern California and beyond. U Grow helps create healthy and abundant living by sharing the tools and knowledge that empower each household with productivity.

land12In 1943, nearly half of all fruits and vegetables consumed in the US were from backyard gardens. Growing our own food, to many, has become a mysterious and falsely laborious undertaking. In reality, our comfortable Southern California microclimate provides us with almost everything we need for cultivating delicious, organic fruits and vegetables year-round. Did U know U can grow guavas, shitake mushrooms, medicinal herbs, goji berries, passion fruit, bananas, quinoa, and much more at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a water-devouring lawn?

P1010674No matter how U slice it, we live in a world where…

• Watering the average lawn takes 750 million gallons of water annually
• 2.5 million gallons of pesticides are used on our food every year
• Our grocery store produce travels an average of 1,500 miles to reach our shelves
• Typical American diets feature 60-70 toxic chemicals daily
• Approximately 70% of the world’s fresh water is used on agriculture

We take countless trips to the supermarket often to find selections of foreign, pesticide-laden, and over-packaged produce — covered in annoying little stickers. Imagine stepping outside to your own produce selection…Is there any better way to improve your heath and culinary skills than reintroducing fresh, organic, nutrient-rich fruits, herbs and veggies from your own garden?


Growing your own food is one of life’s simplest rewards. U don’t need much space; U just need the right set-up. We provide step-by-step, expert instruction that will help U discover your inner suburban farmer. With the right tools and practices, U will discover it’s quite easy and more fun than you thought. Five to ten minutes here and there works a miracle in a U Grow Garden… beyond that, Mother Nature takes care of herself … and U!